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Finally putting my baby of the last 5 years up for sale. It's taken me on a lot of great adventures and I'm going to be sad to see it go but I recently purchased a Land Cruiser (thanks Mud for giving me the LC itch) which is going to take over the overland, camping and adventure duties. In brief, it's a well cared for vehicle that has gone on some very mild-moderate trails and it has been a slow purposeful build since day 1. It has been used as a 4Runner is intended to be but never abused and I took great care in maintaining it so that I could go on these adventures and trips. It's essentially fully built and ready to take on any type of adventure - weekend warrior, trails, overlanding, rock crawling. It still makes as a great daily driver as well. I'll list the details below and feel free to shoot me a DM for any further questions.

2016 Trail Edition (base non-premium) without KDSS, no sunroof. Has the OEM rear e-locker. Purchased from Hoover Toyota in B'ham, AL in Sept 2016.
Nautical Blue Metallic color
Single owner (me), non-smoker. I do have a dog that sheds but I shop vac it pretty frequently.
107,500 miles. It is no longer daily driven so miles will remain stagnant and it's currently parked in the garage.
Clean Title (In-hand)
Clean Carfax (no accidents, title issues, or any funny business)

Asking: $34,500

KBB: $30,816 Private Party Value
NADA: $32,750 Average Trade-In
Rough calculation of mods is $15k+

Build details are below
  • Heftyfabworks front aluminum bumper with Diode Dynamics SSD3 Sports sae/dot fogs in amber
  • 4x4 Labs dual swing out rear bumper with Baja Designs S2 sport reverse lights. Rear tire carrier and ladder add-ons. Installed by Duggy's Garage in HTX
  • Shrockworks Sliders - flat with dimple die plate
  • Full RCI aluminum skids - Front, Transmission, T-case
  • Icon Vehicle Dynamics Front and Rear 2.5" shocks with RR and CDCV. About 60k mi on them and probably could use a rebuild at some point but they still drive plenty fine
  • Icon Delta Joint UCA
  • Dobinsons 701V rear springs
  • Stealth Custom Series F5 17x8.5 -10mm (set of 5)
  • Falken Wildpeak AT3W 285/70/17 LT-C (4x) with about 15-20k mi on them and new Cooper AT3 XLT 285/80/17 LT-E spare
  • sPOD HD with pre-wiring for front lightbar and rear chase lights. Mounted on a PowerTray. Installed by Adventure Ready.
  • Blue Sea Blade 6 and Blue Sea Below Deck panel wired to rear for 12v and USB access
  • Off-Grid Engineering Dual battery system with Blue Sea ML-ACR
  • Group 35 (2x) Northstar AGM deep cycle batteries
  • National Luna Dual Battery Monitor
  • LFD Crossbars for OEM rack (3x)
  • Katzkin Leather seats for front seats with heater and second row
  • ICS-Fab Dash Mount with extra USB ports
  • Dobinsons Snorkel. Installed by Tru-Automotive
  • Desert Does It front seat MMP
  • Plywood floor bolted to OEM holes in cargo area. Carpet and foam left in place for sound deadening. The plywood is a blank slate right now and I had planned to do a custom platform but never got around to finishing it
  • BMC done by Duggy's Garage HTX
  • Other various small mods - Husky liners all around, interior LED swaps, glove and center console storage, etc etc
All maintenance was done by myself or via a reputable shop. Never taken to quick lube places. Same goes for mods. Either I did the mods or I took them to reputable off-road or overland build shops like Adventure Ready, Duggy's Garage, Tru-Automotive
  • Oil changes every 5-7.5k mi with Mobil 0-20W synthetic and OEM filters
  • Diffs changed at 58k mi with Redline 75W-85
  • T-case changed at 62k mi with Toyota OEM spec 75W
  • OEM Brakes and Rotors on all 4 corners changed at 88k mi
  • New front windshield installed last week under insurance as previous one had a few rock chips in it
  • Passenger side LCA changed at 85k mi with OEM one since cam bolt seized
  • Taken to Tru-Automotive at 100k for service inspection and they said nothing needed to be done at this time, diffs, t-case all looked good to them
  • Mechanically and Electronically everything is sound and works as it should
The bad
  • Various small paint chips on hood due to road debris and scuffs from pin-stripping. Otherwise no major dings, dents
  • 3 broken weld nuts where the skids mount. I drilled these out and used Dodge/RAM automotive rivnuts in their place
  • Some surface rust. It spent 3 winters in Utah and they use salt where I had lived. I am became pretty anal about it after the first winter and used a monthly drive though car wash with undercarriage wash 1-2x weekly and also religiously pressure washed the undercarriage myself. Try as I might it still got some rust underneath. Mostly at the welds and pretty much all surface rust. Nothing severe but obviously noticeable and needs to be disclosed. I then moved to the Southeast for 2 years where it got a bit of a reprieve.

I'm sure I could tell you a lot more about the vehicle. I know it inside and out at this point and know every mod done to it. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a DM. I'm not going to part it out at this point and would like to sell it as a full build. If there's no interest then I'll eventually part out what I can and sell it to a dealer.

I'm going to post photos to my Flickr but if there are any specific pictures you'd like to see please let me know. If there's any issues with the Flickr album please let me know. Still trying to see what the best photo album host is.

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Oct 2, 2018
Boise, ID
Price drop to $36K OBO. If no interest in the next week or so I'll start to part out and trade it in.
Oct 2, 2018
Boise, ID
Okay...last stop no BS price drop. $34,500 with everything on it, as-is. Recent oil change in last 300 miles, just rotated and balanced tires, and did a full wash and ceramic spray coating this weekend. She's ready to go. After this I'll start to part it out and trade it in or keep it.
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