Trade Boise, ID, '00 Tacoma TRD and '78 Ford Quadravan for 80

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Hi all, I'm pretty new around here but have owned a number of Mud style vehicles. '85 FJ60 stock and pretty, '72 Bronco, etc.

I'm looking at swapping my two current vehicles for a locked '93-'96 FJ80. I'm hoping to find one that has a 2-6" lift, 150k on the clock or so, 33-35" tires, 3rd row seating, winch bumper, winch, etc.

My plan is to build and expedition trailer and have the cruiser as my only vehicle.

Right now I have my van for camping and my pickup for my DD. I have the titles for both so a trade should be easy. Here's the stats:

2000 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 TRD, 3.4L, 5 spd, power windows/locks, cruise, AC, rear locker, K&N air intake, 31" Firestone destination ATs, ARE raised topper, carpet covered sleeping platform in the back, helper spring that gives about a 1.5" lift in the rear and leveling spacers in the front. 151,xxx miles.

The good:

-All regular maintenance completed and I have most of the records. Timing belt, water pump, gear boxes, plugs, etc.
-Tires have about 5k on them
-Seats are good but there are camo seat covers on now
-You can call my Toyota mechanic and he can chat with you about the car or I would be happy to have a mech of your choice look at it
-New shocks about 20k ago
-Just aligned when new tires were put on and I have lifetime alignments for it so I can have the tires rotated and checked before it moves on
-Spray in bedliner
-Spare tire is new
-2" receiver hitch
-Mechanically perfect
-Paint chips on ARE topper from kayak loading/unloading

The bad:

-CD player doesn't work
-Crack in windshied. If this is a deal killer, I will have it replaced
-Dent in tailgate. I hit it with rattle can paint to help prevent rusting
-It was in a fender bender and the right front 1/4 panel and headlight was replaced. This was a slow speed bump where an old blue hair tried to U turn in front of me across three lanes and I hit her door. Air bag didn't go off. Title is clear. There really wasn't that much damage but it will show in carfax.
-Small dent in driver front 1/4 panel
-Paint rub around back window where PO had a rubber boot topper, the ARE has a hinged window

1978 Ford E250 4x4 van. This was converted by Ford's authorized conversion company in 1978-Pathfinder Conversions. It has about 131,000 but the 460 was rebuilt with an RV cam about 30k ago. Tires are about half life and are 255/85/16s, the spare matches and there is a second spare that doesn't match

The good:

-Rebuilt 460
-Dual battery with Surepower Isolater, main is 1000 amp and second is a new yellow top
-Older Warn 8274
-New KC Daylighters
-Most of the van has insulation and carpet, there are few places left to insulate
-Rebuilt C6 about 2,000 miles ago
-New u-joints
-New master cylinder
-3.73 gears
-Transfer case was flushed/cleaned when tranny was rebuilt
-New axle seals, Dana 44 in front, 60 in back
-Front captain seats swivel
-New Pioneer CD player
-CB radio
-Brakes bled when master was put in
-2 20 gal tanks, not going to lie, you'll need them. Getting 8-10 mpg
-Home made safari rack with ladder
-New windshield but did get a couple rock chips that have been repaired
-home made sleeping platform in back that is easily removeable
-New hoses and new belts, the belts are not installed because the existing are in okay shape
-air horn
-the bench seat moves for aft and folds into a second bed
-plenty of payload and power

The bad:

-Small rust spots, nothing bigger than a quarter anywhere and just surface stuff
-sun roof leaks
-Steering gear box leaks a touch, I pulled the pumped and cleaned it and put new lines on though
-the four speakers are cheap and don't sound that great
-the mpg sucks
-top speed is about 65 because of the 3 spd
-no AC

I guess I need to list a price so my ad isn't pulled. I'm not really looking to sell...just looking for the perfect 80 for my needs. But, I would take $7,500 for the Taco and $4,500 for the van. I know those are steep but I'm in no hurry. They are both great vehicles and fun, I'm just simplifying things a little. I can patiently wait for the right 80 to pop up. The trade I'm looking for could be any combo of my two cars, cash, trailers (I will probably be looking for a 102 soon), I have an aluminum 2 place snowmobile tilt trailer I could let go too.
Had to find somewhere to host pics. Here are some more. If you want any detailed/specific pics, let me know and I can email them to you.











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