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Nov 20, 2008
NewCastle, IN
Help!!! Ive noticed lately that my 22re at about half throttle is losing power not begining or full throttle just in the middle.:confused: But tonight on my way to work it really bogged down almost killed it I push in the clutch rev it a little and it started clearing up did it a couple more times and it went away. sounds like a carb problem but oh ya its fuel injected. Anyone have any ideas. Ill be checking the fuel pressure when I get home. Buy the way love this forum best one out there!!!:cheers:


Feb 15, 2008
On the farm
Ever change the fuel filter? Could you have gotten a bad tank of gas? First thing I'd do is run some injector cleaner through it. Another quick thing is to check air flow sensor is freely moving. Also check for any engine trouble codes.

Go into the FAQ and find a copy of the FSM. There is one out there for a '93. That's close enough as the '94 model was made from '92 to '95.5 when they switched over to the Tacoma.

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