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Aug 13, 2004
I purchased a Roger Brown 2" body lift bolts.....Does anyone have any experience installing the kit?.....any tips? thanks
Doesnt he send instructions? I did a Roger Brown 1" kit on my 60, it was extremely easy. Just follow his tips and it will go right in.
It's a pretty easy thing to do, some of the bolts might be a little hard to get to and to get off also. Make sure U use some penetrating stuff on them to make it easier to get them off. Good luck.

The only issue i had was a bolt that was rusted to the the body mount. I reused my old mounts and the kit i got from MAF only had 4 more bolts (they now have individual part numbers for 62s, i bet that has changed now) so i couldnt just cut the offending bolt in half. It eventually let go but i wish id just ponied up for the new mounts anyways (sucks being a poor college kid). Id found a thread on here with pics of all the mount locations and that made it way easier.

Mine was only a one inch, i would be extra careful to make sure nothing is binding when you lift it up, you dont wanna tear something loose.


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