Bobcat Trail (Stillwaters)

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Oct 6, 2008
Bobcat Trail has washed out a little in places. It was very windy up there this weekend. The views are great and there is definately some narrow parts of the trail with drop offs and exposure.
Bobcat 2.jpg
Bobcat 3.jpg
A few more pictures and my co-pilot stopped for a drink.
Bobcat 1.jpg
Bobcat 4.jpg
Bobcat 5.jpg
Hey Mark youll have to show me where that ones at heard of it but not sure where it is

Dan :cheers::steer::bounce::bounce2:
Very cool Mark!
Love the co pilot too. Gunner would be a nervous WRECK if he went wheelin with me.
Gunner makes up for it with slobber.

Yeah...he can be kinda GROSS sometimes with that.
It could act as a SLICK for those following a james bond type thing.:D

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