BLM Trail Scout Request

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Nov 3, 2011
Carson City, NV
I received an email from Paul this morning thanking the club for having him on Thursday and the great conversation.
He sent me a few links to the Steam Shovel and Bobcat trails and was wondering if the club was interested in doing a run in June to "open" the trails. He is requesting that a few of the most experienced wheelers go out to see what is passable and for safety sake.
Steamshovel trail
Blowing Off Some Steam on the Steam Shovel Trail – WAYALIFE Blog

And he also sent the info on Sand Mountain...
Sand Mountain Recreation Area | Bureau of Land Management

As we are nearing the end of April quickly here, I am sure he is going to want an answer soon. Is this something we, as a club, want to discuss further?
Looks like a good trail to do on a quad to start with.
Should post this on Reno4x4
He specifically asked us if we would be interested because the BLM has a "somewhat" established relationship with our club. What he is specifically looking for is to build an on-going relationship with a club that will be trail ambassadors/stewards, for lack of a better term, for them.
That looks like a good trail to visit. Lets talk about this at our regular meeting in May. At least we could get out there and learn what the trail needs to be passable. Saw some tough lines thru there.:)
I was up bobcat 2 weeks ago in my new sxs, not all the way to the top though. It was pretty easy going. A guy I deal with at work has a Jeep PU, BBC tons and 42s, he said steamshovel is washed out bad, and 35s locked/locked with plenty of armor will still struggle to get there. I haven't tried up there though.
Not sure if this ever happened or if this is even relevant now. I ran Bobcat west to east yesterday. Kind of tight but pretty easy. One spring on the east side may be hard coming up. Its a bog, but has kind of a bypass. Probably be best to winch up so that the spring doesn't tore up. I slid down it like a toboggan.
I am still trying to make it to Steam shovel, just haven't yet.
Yeah nothing ever really happened with this. Due to it begin a government thing, they were pretty limited on how they could handle and no one really seemed to have the ability to get out there to confirm what they were looking for. After a while it just fell off the map.

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