BLM opportunities-Steamshovel run on hold

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Jan 31, 2007
Carson City NV
This is a letter from Paul, our rep from BLM. Post up here if ya'll would like to get something going to Sand Mountain, fun time and some volunteer work. We won't have a meeting before the dates he listed so we will need to us this forum to share your ideas.

Response from Paul...

I have been buried with work on Sand Mountain and I have no idea what the trail conditions are at this time. I agree that we need to look farther out to July... What if we shifted gears a little and had your club come out to Sand Mountain and help with fixing up the camping area, construction a helicopter pad, developing two youth ATV learners loops, removing lots of rocks and cleaning. There is a fee to use sand mountain $40 for the week or $90 for the year, no charge for volunteers. Sand Mountain is really close to Fallon, its very easy to find, its stock vehicle friendly, its hardcore friendly. Your volunteer hours would help secure future grants for OHV opportunities, and it gets your folks out to Dixie Valley:

Sand Mountain Recreation Area | Bureau of Land Management

We are looking at June 3-6 and June 10-13, let me know what you think.
It might be fun to play on the dunes in the 100. I'll run it by the recreation committee.
Looks like we will just be planning on helping with a run to Steam Shovel. We will continue to work with Paul through Greg. Finding a date for everyone is always the tough one. July has been mentioned for this activity.

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