Black Bear Pass?

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Apr 2, 2003
Tucson, AZ
Hi Coloradans! We'll be visiting the Ouray area with 2 other AZ families this July. We all try to get there every 2-3 years and together and run the trails. This year I'm contemplating doing BBP once again. Back in 2002 in the rain in our 100 we almost went over the side. The one rear tire was half way off. :mad:

I've recently been watching YouTube videos of BBP and see FJC's and other SUV's and trucks having plenty of room. ??? These videos from the past year or so don't even freak me when I watch them.

I did hear a rumor that there were plans to widen BBP. Not sure if this ever happened. Does anybody know for sure? Is it wider than it used to be?

I don't know if Black Bear Pass has been widened. I was in Ouray last July but the pass was not open due to snow.

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