BJ75 Diesel (Motor +) manual to automatic swap

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Jan 19, 2020
Hey guys,

I have the possibility to aquire a BJ75 Long Chassis for about 2050USD. The Cruiser seems to be in quite a bad shape, windows missing, front bumper missing, rust on frame and springs it seems, motor not built in and parts not together. Paintjob needed. I did not see it in person yet, if not this one, then another one, but interesting price and basis for an individual project.

Is it quite doable for most common mechanics to swap the 3B Diesel manual to any common Diesel automatic? Or even the Original 3B Toyota Diesel but only swap form manual to automatic? Is the BJ75 fun to drive with an automatic or just a pain in the ass? What else has to be changed (if swap done)? What do you think about this as a base for restoration project? Definitely seems like a lot of work, but interesting to learn working on cars, motor swap etc. would be done by mechanic.




I have driven B diesels with autos, they ok, but not ok enough for me to want one. The 5 sp is the most desirable transmission. You probably need to study up on landcruisers before you buy it.
Look carefully at the rust

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