BJ74 front running lights ?

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Aug 17, 2007
Westbank B.C.
I have a new to me BJ74 - converted to left hand drive that currently has no front running lights working. Im guessing the white portion of the turn assembly should be lit when the headlights are on and in the running light position of the dash switch. So where do I start ? Are the circuits for the running lights separate and do they have their own fuse ?
The running lights are the small white portion of the turn signals, I dont remember right now if there are two fuses (one for each side) but the running lights are in the same fuse as the headlights, I'm almost sure that is that way.
thanks for the heads up on the fuse. Im back peddling this item on the to do list as there are other things that are more my thing - flushing the brown goo out of the rad - 6 hours with a carpet cleaner in the interior - installed a hitch - got a new windshield - removed cheese ball cb - the list goes on and on. But sooner or later Im going to have to start the electrical stuff - I did find a 12 volt reducer mounted under the dash pad so I have 1 worry less now.

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