Bj73 low and high beam problem.

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May 16, 2012
Blayney, New South Wales
Hi All,
I am currently having some problems with my low and high beams on my 1985 landcruiser bj73. I have no low or high beam but I do have Parkers. When I turn low beam on the blue high beams light on the dash turns on. I am able to get high beams on by pulling the stalk to get them to 'flash'. The fuses in the footwell are all ok and I can hear relays clicking when I turn the lights to the on position on the stalk.
Headlight swich

The headlight swich, its a common problem. It will probley be the contact points in the swich. Pull the swich out and under the clear cover is the points, run a pice of fine sand paper through them, that usley fixesthem. If you have any other toyota/hilux /tarago swich around that vintage they all will work for a test swich.
If you're using Halogen lamps, check the bulbs. A dropped filament can cause this.

Also, check the fuses again.


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