BJ73 lift measurements

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Dec 25, 2015
New Zealand
I'm trying to work out whether I want to order new leafs with a lift or without for my BJ73, not sure if it's currently lifted or factory ride height. Measurements from hub centre to arch lip would be appreciated, on any BJ73 or 74 with a known suspension setup, so I can compare.
G'Day Fella's,

Path, I had a new set of leaf springs fitted to my BJ73, about 25 years ago.
I can't remember what spring lift these were but I remember they weren't the High Lift set.

At present, the measurement from the center of my rear hub, to the bottom of the wheel arch, is 543mm (with an empty car).

Further to this, I remember when these new springs were fitted, the top of the tyre, was level with the bottom of the inner guard/top of the chassis....ish.
Since then, they have settled about 20mm (with an empty car), to the present 543mm, quoted above.

Hope that helps


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