BJ70 Turbo help

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Jun 28, 2011
Lincoln, CA
Hey guys. I have an 87 BJ70 with a Garrett turbo kit. Recently after returning from a trip my cruiser started to act up. Here are some of the symptoms
- Boost level jumped from 12psi to around 15~20psi upon acceleration.
- Boost isn't really a steady build up..more of an off and on if that makes sense.
- Blows a lot more black smoke than before
- pyrometer shows that the egt temp is getting hot really quickly. never got above 12 in 5th gear but now climbs to 12 fairly quickly.
- noticeable noise that wasn't there before. not really a whistle but a swooshing noise.

Just finished removing the turbo for inspection. I can't see anything noticeably wrong. I was going to clean it up and throw it back in there. what should I clean it with?

What else do I need to look at? I can't find any cracks or anything...
I think I figured it out. just reassembling everything now. one question though..I'm assuming the waste gate is supposed to be closed when off? is that right? @chaosrob
ok fixed the problem but after reinstalling the turbo there is a slight lack of power and boost only goes to like 5~8 psi. what did I mess up?

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