Wanted BJ42 TRansmission cover

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Apr 24, 2016
Fayetteville, North Carolina
United States
FOUND WTB: The transmission cover from a BJ42 that had a h55f 5 speed in it. I believe the one pictured is what I need. Thanks

H55F Transmission Cover Needed.jpg
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Just confirming that you "found" one ? ...as I have a complete one sitting on a shelf. thanks.
Good to hear.
"Missing shifters" ...as in boots, levers .... ?
Levers. Apparently there are different transmission shift levers depending on the model. I don't care for the spindly looking canes. I am looking for a shifter out of a late 60/70 series I believe. Like the attached photos

H55F shifter _ 60 series.JPG

H55F Shifter _ 60 series #2.jpg
Send me a PM as I have that H55-f shifter from an 87 HJ60. I have a spindly 82 5 speed lever in my FJ62 and have always hated it..though it is pretty inconsequential .

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