Bilstein 5100's on LCs

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May 23, 2016
I was wondering why there's hardly any posts about folks running bilstein 5100 shocks on land cruisers, particularly 100's?
In the 4Runner world, it seems that everyone who's ran OME and bilsteins prefer the billies(for on road and off).

Is the weight of a LC the issue?

I only found one package lift kit that used bilsteins- had the 5100 HD's in the rear & standard 5100 up front.
Thanks for the link, I've read most of those threads. Few mention '5100' series, they just say 'bilsteins', or other model numbers.
But overall consensus seems they aren't the preferred shock for LC's.
OK, latecomer, but have same question, sort of. Have 4600's on my 91, want to lift my 94 with 50mm OME coils and use the 5100's. I like the firmer ride of the bilstein, but dont know if the 5100 are stiffer than the 4600? Also my local shop is telling me he's had nothing but trouble getting product out of Bilstein in a reasonable amount of time. I can get the OME parts pretty easily, but am more interested in the 5100s.

Why do the 5100's seem so unused on LCs?
I think most of the 4runner and Tacoma (coilover) guys used 5100s b/c it's the cheapest way to properly lift them without breaking the bank.
Ok, so then it's mostly cost and ride preference? There isn't a major mechanical reason it sounds like. Anyone have a solid source that stocks for 80s?

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