Bilstein 5100

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Jul 29, 2009
Fairview Heights, IL
I'm getting some bilstein 5100s for the 40, now my question I install them with the boot up or boot down, the shocks I have now have the boot up, but they are not bilsteins, all the bilsteins I see installed on the internet have the boot down...any suggestions?

The bilsteins on the FJ40 on the cover of "4wd Toyota Owner" are installed boot down...:hmm:
I'm fairly sure my bilstein 5100's have an arrow that tells you to mount them boot (shaft side) down. I will have to look later. All four of mine are mounted shaft side down--there must be a reason for that, It makes too much sense to mount them shaft and seals up to keep them out of the mud, road salt, rocks, that sort of thing.....Good choice though, you just can't go wrong with the 5100's.
Mine are mounted shaft side down. I seem to remember instructions with the shock or on the shock to mount them that way.
Guess I will mount them boot down. Anything should make it better than the generic ones that are on there now.

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