Big Dixie Boggers Spring Event

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Oct 18, 2006
T-ville NC
Just to let everyone know we are having a event June 6,7,and 8th and I would liek to see a lot more cruisers there. Here is a link to the event I tried to just paste it but it would not go in. It is located in Lincolton NC and if directions are need they are on the posted page and if some more are needed let me know and I can get you better one. Spring Event!
cool!!! cant wait, i went out two years ago when the farm was just getting started. Looks like theres a lot more to offer now.
We should make this our June meeting and show up in force. We should have a banner made up by then! What you guys (and gals) think?

That would be cool, a meeting in my neck of the woods! :cheers:
Thats good guys yeah we have done a lot more things and we are having a work week this coming weekend to fix up a couple things and buildind a concesion stand.
Thought I would bring this back up to the top as we are going to have a live band Sat. night and I have in the works for one to be there Friday night as long as everything works out good. There will be food and everything there Sat.
I plan to be there.
Dont forget guys only 4 more days you can lay out of work on friday and come down for some wheeling in before the crowd and enjoy the entertainment Friday night as well as Saturday night.
Well I just got some bad news today my band for Friday night had to cancel due to surgery but we are trying to work on something else but everything else is still a go.
If anyone needs directions go to my link in my sig and click on maps We will have signs up on hwy150 at the red light where you turn at.
Great pics, thanks for posting them!

Is that you in the last one?
We had a good time. There were lots of big buggies there. The trails and obstacles were built for the larger rigs. This place reminded me of the Devil's Playground, but had more washouts and hills than rocks.

That is me in the last pic.
Well hope all of you that attended had a great time and hope more can attend the next one this fall. If the temperature comes down we are going to try and get some more trails open up. Hopefully it will be a lot cooler for our next event in the fall.
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