Big 55 getting resprayed at Maaco in Palo Alto?

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Sep 2, 2007
Longmont, CO
Saw a 55 sitting on big rubber (35? 38?) at the Maaco off of San Antonio Rd in Palo Alto CA yesterday... anyone know who's it is?
and you didn't snap a picture?
I was speeding in my RHD, eating a taco, and talking on the phone... just couldn't manage a picture. :)

There are, what, like twenty 55s still rolling? Don't tell me only 19 of you are on this board... :flipoff2:
I'd like to know who it is.
Wasn't me.
Planning on mine hitting MAACO in the Fall. People knock it but if you actually go in, take a tour, talk to the owner, and tell them what you want done, you'll be surprised at what you really get. The prices are great too.

I almost bought a MAACO. The one I was looking at buying did a brisk business with older vehicles that people would drop off and the body guys would pick away at it on off hours or down time. You get a way better deal. And they use new metal, not just bondo to do the repairs.

Got a quote on mine to fix all the rust, change the paint color and make it original 2-tone paint scheme for $1800. A bargain compared to the $6500 the other place down the street quoted me
I definitely agree there is a time and a place for Maaco - when I have my 40 resprayed I'll probably use a discount joint like Maaco.

That said, when I was a young thing in high school I have a Neon reprayed at Maaco. Paint looked fine but they left the car sitting outside in the pouring rain with all the windows open... for 3 days.
this thread is useless without pics!!! you shoulda flipped a "u" ey and gone back for pics:steer:
I agree you get what you pay for in most cases but that doesn't guarantee a better job if you pay more it only increases the chance of a crappy job when you pay less!!
Best pic I could get....
Paint your own trucks its not rocket science. Most driveway paint jobs turn out just fine because you control the preparation, the masking and the quality of paint you apply. I have seen some driveway jobs that were better than a professional job done in a booth. Just a matter of time and patience which if you own a Cruiser I would bet you have. Beg borrow or rent a small compressor and find a place to spray where the neighbors will not complain. I painted my first car at 13. If a kid can do it so can you. Macco the McDonalds of car painting? More like a street vendor in chinatown. Can I have the noodles with the mystery meat please?? In my worst nightmare I have my truck painted at Maaco. Frankly I would rather brush paint it.
I was looking at it more for the rust fixing aspect of MAACO. Getting all the rust bubbles fixed with metal, not bondo globs is beyond my abilities. Plus I'd rather wheel in the woods of NH with a cheap paint job that a $5k paint job.

Each one is independently owned, not company run so there is definitely a variance on what places are good and the ones that suck. I would do most of my own prep and ask them to take their time.

I toured several MAACO's when I was looking to buy. Some were beyond filthy and were downright scary inside while other ones look like museums practically.

WIll be very interesting to see how this 55 does at MAACO and I'm looking forward to more pics. Also would love to find out how much they charged. Drop in and tell them you're thinking of getting yours done but wanna see how this goes. If anything they'll try harder on the one that's there and a fellow pig member might get a sweet azz paint job

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