Best tool for cutting down doors

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Apr 3, 2010
Los Angeles, CA
I am about to chop some doors to make hald doors. I attempted to take my 4.5 grinder with a dewalt cutting wheel to the doors. The doors laughed at me and the wheel. Suggestions? I do not have a torch or band saw. I live in an apt. Im thinking a jig saw with some good blades.
that cutting wheel should have cut through the door like butter, how were you using it?
x2. Your only issue should have been poor radius cuts. Any straight cuts should have buzzed right through. I cut ALL my steel with cutoff wheels and a 4.5" grinder.
Are the contacts going bad in the grinder perhaps?
This is the blade I used.
That looks like a grinding disc not a cut off wheel.

The wheel is .045 thickness. This is pretty thin. I would have used 1/16" thickness. Little more durable.
Well I went out and bought another two wheels. Different brand same thickness...end result: Two freshly chopped half doors. Worked like a charm. Did not like the Dewalt disc at all.

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