Best shops in the USA to perform custom 4x4 conversions (1 Viewer)

Jun 27, 2020
san diego
Hey guys I’m curious if anyone can provide input on some top notch shops in the United state that specialize in engine and transmission custom swaps.
I have a 2003 4th gen 4Runner with the 4.0l that has 238k
I love my 4Runner but I have been come bored with it and I miss driving manual.
So I have this idea I want to have a manual transmission swapped in from a 2nd Gen Tacoma.
I know this swap does not make financial sense but as a car guy I would love to have a special 4th gen 4Runner.
I would attempt It My self by getting a donor Tacoma but I don’t have the space to have 2 vehicle torn apart.
At this point I’m looking to speak to someone who is willing to do it and get a rough price estimate on the repairs.
Again I know I should sell my 4th gen and just get a 3rd gen runner or 2nd gen double cab but it’s paid for and I have a lot of good memories with my 4Runner.

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