Best Price SirusXM

Feb 18, 2020
Philadelphia Pa
Hey guys
I have one vehicle the XM has expired and another going to expire , I allways seem to wait they make a deal after .
I had the guy on and he gave me his pitch and I told him it was XM or food on the table .
Just B.s them a bit but would not come down .
I’m getting it free for the next week with there free promotion .
They have sent me a few offers and seems $60 for 12 months and free Amazon echo is the best ... I don’t need a stupid echo.
Have you guys done better ?
Nov 26, 2009
The Sirius channels I want are not usually in the $5 (or 'Select') level, instead you need Premium or whatever they call it. I never see deals for Premium but would love to.

Currently I'm on my third '$5 for 3 months' or '$1 for 3 months' (I forget which) extended trial and it will end soon. Sure would like to find that decent Premium deal.
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