best front 2.5" cheap springs?

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I put skyjacker springs on my '83 more than 10 years ago, because they were cheap. They were initially so stiff that I would carry tires over even the smallest obstacles, but after about three years they broke in and became well matched to the truck.
Sure it works, but keeps them in stock location.
Check out my build. 2.5" BDS YJ springs. They flex damn well, lifetime warranty, and durable. But you will regret getting them because of the stiff, I mean ridiculously stiff ride. The jalapodo build - Pirate4x4.Com Bulletin Board
I really like Skyjacker 3" soft rides.
Downey's are cheap, but mine sagged quickly to about 2" and then stayed there.
OME 2" are very nice, but not cheap.

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