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Jul 26, 2008
hanford, ca
Post'em up
Best for breakfast
Best for after work
Best for Dinner

I will start with my variation on a red beer.
I use beer for the AM drinks as not to get too FUBAR'ed for the rest of the day.
Start with a large glass
2 or 3 drops ( tech term is splots) of hot sauce, a small pinch of celery salt, and a big splash of Clamato Picante, and fill the rest with beer. Float cilantro leaves on top if you feel fancy.
Enhance with a skewer of grilled shrimp, a piece of roasted red bell pepper (or roasted pablano pepper), or both and a slice of lime.
Goes good AFTER a duck hunt sitting in camp, with all the bang sticks put away. And something on the grill, or in the skillet.

Reserve the Worstishitter sauce for the Bloody Maria's and wodka.
Maybe a slice of jalapino to enhance the secondary burn.

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