SOLD Bend, OR 1984 FJ60

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Vehicle Model
  1. 60 Series
Bend, Oregon United States
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Hi all. I've lurked here for years but don't post much. I bought this rig from another gentleman on here about a year or so ago. And now I'm coming back to sell it back to someone who's a better fit for this truck. I'm old and tired and want a comfier ride. And as much as I love this vehicle, it's time for me to pass it on to someone else, since it probably wasn't a great fit for me in the first place. I had hopes of fully restoring this one. And yeah, it'll hurt to let it go!

Price is $22,000. This is a 1984 FJ60 with under 150k miles on it. Mostly rust-free body and only very surfacy in those spots. Original paint. No rot whatsoever.

There's a tear in the drivers seat. There's a crack in the dash area. The roof paint is worn down and mostly patina at this point. It does not have factory AC.

It runs incredibly strong, but always takes a couple tries to fire up with the choke pulled. It's never NOT started, even in the cold temps. But a new or rebuilt carburetor might help it start a bit better--it was next on my list. 4WD works great. In the last year I've had a new exhaust installed, a new Aisin clutch kit installed, an oil pan gasket installed, new wheels and tires, and a new oem rear bumper. All the work has been done locally and I can provide receipts. There's not much else in the way of records, other than what I've had done. Im the 3rd owner. It shifts great, and does not leak any fluid. I bought this for 17k and have put over 6k into it. I'm just hoping to basically break even. No trades please.

There's probably a lot more to say, but I'll leave it at that for now. I'll post more pics too. Holler with any questions or for specific pics. Thanks guys/gals.





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I was interested in this truck when it was listed last year, do you still have the old wheels? Since it is relatively recent, the photos and video from the last listing are here for others: SOLD - Seattle, WA, US: 1984 Toyota FJ60 -
Howdy. Thanks for reposting the original post, there may be something in there I missed in my own post. 👍 I don't have the old wheels though, no.

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