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there are some very steep trails there, went once with Jason about 8 years ago and then once with Logan.
way steeper.... more along a flat out don't stop type of thing... not all are like that but some.... if it rains forget about it
Steeper. Maybe like the long climb on daniel but longer and restricted to one line.

Put it this way. Every up hill Al had to hold brodi's collar to keep him off tailgate glass and every downhill he had to keep him from coming between the front seats.

Steep is an understatement. A reason its closed when wet. One place id park n walk for sure.

Should be some good vids still floating around UC. DanKunz and steve springs in a few. We went 2009 during the save tellico GSMTR rally effort.

@BMThiker might have some intel. GA cruisers were frequent there. I know he sold me on a fridge that 103* day walking Up with ice cream at a trail break. He looked at me like i was the odd one and said nutty buddy? Or rocket pop? Lol
there are others that are like dickey bell.... I don't have many pictures from those trips and none from the steep stuff as you couldn't stop, a SC 1FZ at WOT for about a minute is a sound of beauty right Jason??? LOL

these are a few pics from the tamer trails



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