Beadlock Changing 101

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Mar 31, 2011
Broke down the rim this afternoon in anticipation of being able to just plop a new tire on it and zip the lock ring back on, bingo bongo.

I got this far and can't figure out how to get that polymer piece out.

Gonna need a tire iron for that, or is there some trick with mechanical advantage that I'm missing? I futzed with it for like 15 minutes trying various different angles and ways to pull it out, then I tried cutting the tire. Hah. That didn't happen.

Someone done this before want to chime in? I got a voicemail out to Matt B for tech support too, but figured I'd ask my brain trust.

I'll add, there was much cussing about the irony of simply turning on a dirt road destroying a tire, but a jigsaw not even making a dent in it.
Grab a stick or a rock. Those seem to work best. :lol:
Seriously though make two cuts in a pie shape and you will be moving less rubber and that should free the inner ring.
Seriously though... That jigsaw didn't cut shat.
You have to get it twisted sideways with a pry bar and then it will pop out. Just imagine the ones the military uses that are the same size as the tire itself but have to go in/out though that hole. The magnesium ones were a lot easier to use because they were 2 pieces and bolted in place but they tended to catch fire and burn with searing intensity too often.

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Anyway fine tooth blade and spray with some sort of lubricating spray. The rubber is probably heating up and fusing around the blade or there's some steel belts in the sidewalls and you were just lucky.
Or a drill at and make it make it connect the dots with the jigsaw or sawzall.

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