BBQ in Fayetteville 29 May for all interested no charge :)

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Mar 24, 2009
Mesa, AZ
The wife would like to get to know more of the Landcruiser guys here and wants to throw a BBQ next Sunday for those that don't already have plans for the long weekend. No need to bring anything we will cook brats, hot dogs, and burgers. But if you really feel the need alcohol is always appreciated.:) (seriously no need I have yeungling on tap at the house and some Leinenkugels in the fridge.) Let me know if you would like to stop by so we can plan for food.

What time are you thinking about.

Got to take it up with the better half but i think she would come along also.
Would love to but will be sitting at work!
It's a possibility I might make this since I will be heading this way to meet a mr traylor anyway.
We figure around 2 or 3 all are welcome just a heads up we do have 4 large dogs so if you bring the kids they can't be afraid of dogs they are all kid friendly and like to play we have several friends kids who like to try and ride them so they are used to the abuse.
I'd really like to come, but I'll be in the garage most of the weekend doing all the maintenance and little projects I've been putting off.......... forever.
Work is hectic for me right now but I will let you know on friday if I can make it.

Can you PM me your adress? Just in case I can make it.

Have a good one
Mr. Traylor here ;p. We are doing a big round the SE tour and OBX and Ft. Bragg take up the second week of it. We will be around and I'm sure I can get away from my wive's freinds for the afternoon. Would be good to see all of you. On top of that I forgot YET AGAIN to give either Jason or Alan Ramons Coozy that I found when we moved over a year ago while were at GSMTR. Don't let me forget!!!

Hope to see you all there.
I will send a PM with my address to all of those maybes and confirms on thursday. My wife is excited she is repainting our bonus room.
Josh I will try to make it if I can break away from the fam. Thanks for the invite..
Sure nothing needs to be brought ?

How are you after these rains today ?

Got 4 inches here.
Wish I could make it. I'll be moving a jet from Guam to Taipei! :(
Sure nothing needs to be brought ?

How are you after these rains today ?

Got 4 inches here.

The wife says if you want to bring some kind of side that would be cool. We probably got about the same here thankfully I just fixed the rain gutter on the garage.
For those that can't make it no worries I am sure we will do plenty more we like to BBQ alot and host different things my wife really enjoys it so there will be plenty more oppurtunities.
Oh yeah and if anybody feels the need to bring anything I will be making Mojitos from scratch with homegrown mint so if you thing you might drink alot of those I only have one bottle of rum.
Due to our fricken house and its ongoing issues, this time plumbing leak, I won't be able to make it. Instead we are waiting on an emergency plumber.

Have a great time.

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