Battery Light Comes on Randomly

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Jan 7, 2022
I just replaced both my alternator and battery on my 2001 Land Cruiser. However there are times after startup the battery light will show up and I will read around 11.6V-12V. No other lights will show up even after some driving/acceleration. It will either go away while driving (resume to 13-14V) or during a different startup. Rarely I will see the battery light engage for a few seconds. Could this be a connection issue from the alternator?
Thats the same one I used...My research is pointing to the alternator. Hopefully someone else can chime in regarding the amperage.
Based on your symptom, 95% tells me the culprit is the alternator if the connection has been ruled out or found to be good. I would recommend applying die electric grease on the connection/s.

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