Bartlett Lake

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Overland Anywhere - Anytime
Jan 21, 2015
Litchfield Park AZ
Setting up at Bartlett for the evening. It's actually pretty nice out.
Kayak in the water early am.
Head home at 9am tomorrow morning

2016-06-05 15.20.50.jpg
Wow, haven't been out there in a while. Water looks low but many of our reservoirs are....looks like you had some company!
I was the only guy on the lake after 10. Was swimming well past 1am. The weather was perfect. This morning had a perfect light breeze. Best trip I've done in a long time.
No bugs...
Hit the kayak this morning. Packed out at 7am.

I have to pull off my 18 minute time lapse pictures later this afternoon.

2016-06-06 08.51.10.jpg

2016-06-06 07.52.47.jpg

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