Barrett-Jackson OC, FJ40 today...

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Jun 29, 2006
Carolina Beach NC
I know most of you have a life but I don't, so I waste my time fantasizing while watching Barrett-Jackson auctions.

Yesterday had an amazing sale, 1963 VW 23 window bus, hammer price...$196,000 :eek: Absolutely PERFECT vehicle but almost $200k, holy phauk, right?

On today's list is the following FJ40

1964 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER FJ-40 Lot 664 | Barrett-Jackson Auction Company

What a joke IMHO. Nothing close to a "restoration" as described in the details. The kicker is the fiberglass top, WTF. The engine isn't even close in this "4 year restoration". Without sounding like a purist, in this venue, restoration means just that, not a "resto-mod" as I'm building or even a "custo-mod" as termed last night. For definition for this discussion, restoration means just that, period correct, period equipped...period.

I'll be curious as to what the hammer price will be. What say ye ONSC brethren, want to play fantasy bid?

What would you pay for this restoration? I'd not pay more than $10k, probably under $9k.

What will the hammer price be for this restoration? As much as I'd like to see the FJ40's get some visibility as being "Barrett-Jackson worthy", I'd not put this on the auction block as a "restoration"...$7k hammer price...
I am afraid of what it will go for. I see too much for stuff that should not be on it like the weber carb, and the corner panels.

I agree with Al though. It will probably go over 15.

I would never pay that much though.
Okay, I will bite. Do I see diamond plated panel underneath the engine?

Someone did spend time on it or make that $$ on it. Lots of aftermarket parts. I wonder what the condition of the tub was before it was Rhino lined?

In this guess is 18-20K.
I think it can go for the $15-20K range. Look at what Icon is selling replicas for. I am told that Cool Cruisers has a waiting list for 40s that CCOT has not even found yet. 40s are becoming more valuable as non wheelers are buying them as collector type vehicles as well as daily drivers.

I plan to do a resto mod on my 68 RHD 40, only really upgrading things like brakes. By the time I am done I will easily have $15K into it.
This one sold Friday, much more representative of the FJ40 IMHO...

1971 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER Lot 32 | Barrett-Jackson Auction Company

Final price of $12k (includes the 10% buyers commission, hammer price is $11k) makes me think all the red flags of today's FJ40 (diamond plate = hidden rust, fiberglass/aftermarket top, rhino'd everything) makes me skeptical.

Then, this one. Much more of a "restoration", sold for something I would expect for the level this one was restored to...

Sure, I'm lowballing, I guess time will tell...
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Wow, think I'll Rhino Line my 40 and send it to B J for auction
But it has a "fuel effficient" 6 cyl engine!!
Sucker born every minute is right :rolleyes:

Do people even know what the word "restoration" means...apparently not...that '64 is not even remotely close to being a restored '64... :meh:

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