Barnesy Hj47

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Jul 19, 2016
down under
I found this 6/1984 hj47 in a barn so that's where the name comes from the plan is to preserve it and use it with a few mods.
12ht and 5 speed from a HJ61
Power steering from a HJ61
also how do i put pictures in the post?
Think you need to buy a silver star mate, or post x amount of posts before you can. SS is easiest. $20 USD. I have a complete HJ60 power steer setup that I'm potentially lookin to trade for a 40 series power steer box.
Mossy.....Barnesy........that's an anthem Crikey, As a young bloke, I got drunk to the that song by the fire more times than I care to remember (or struggle to remember). Pics required of the troopy.

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