baja bug Mass. to Co.

Aug 21, 2007
Hi,I have a 71 baja bug that has been in storage for 25 years+.I need to sell or move it to Colorado.It is in S. Dartmouth near New Bedford.This is a project I was never able to finish because I live in Colorado.Bug was painted just before I put in garage(dark blue).I have lots of never used parts such as dellorto carbs,gene berg oil filler,lift kit,1835cc motor etc.This bug was never offroaded and only has 70k on it.Sorry I dont have photos because I am in Co. I will try to get my parents to take some but it is in garage with 25yrs of dust on it.I need to sell or move quick because my parents are moving in a month.Contact me if interested
Thanks Grant 970 708 9669 days 970 728-9735 eve or or p.m. me on ih8mud @ TRIDETOY


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Feb 3, 2008
South Shore, MA
Not interested in buying it but if you get stuck as the move date moves closer let me know. Could help with shipping it or verrrry short term storage.
It's pretty close to my area.

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