Back from Moab

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Jan 27, 2009
Boise, Id
I've been back a couple weeks. But been real busy. Off the top of my head we did: Hells Revenge (Hells Gate & Escalstor), Fins & Things, The Pickle, Behind The Rocks (White Knuckle), Strike Ravine and Green Day @ BFE the last day. Here are a few pics. I don't have them all sorted yet and havn't got the ones from the guy I went with. All went well. The cruiser preformed great, walking throught obstacles that 40k$ rigs struggled with. Anyway I'll try to get up some more pics later. The next couple weeks are going to be crazy though.
moam 2010 154.jpg
moam 2010 229.jpg
moam 2010 234.jpg
3 more pics. We got a bit of video as well. Just havn't had time to edit and download.
moam 2010 238.jpg
moam 2010 368.jpg
moam 2010 845.jpg
Wow! I'm a new member on here and looking at getting an 80 to go off roading in. I didn't realize how capable they were! Looks like you had fun.

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