Baby Steps: Roof Rack First

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Jul 19, 2007
Washington State
I'm starting to think about painting my rig myself, although I have no qualifications whatsoever. I have some light rust on my 60 I want to take care of, and I thought I'd start testing the waters with a slightly rusty roof rack I picked up from another mudder. I did two coats of POR 15 (they really mean it when they say not to get it on your hands. Mine were high gloss black for 3 days!) Then scuffed it up with fine sand paper and did another 3 coats with rustoleum. It's considerably heavier than before. doesn't look too bad-- I didn't even lose any hardware when I took it apart.
B4 Rack 1.jpg
Rack In Progress.jpg
Strong work! :beer:

And excellent ambulance doors!
did mine with Rusto about a year or 1.5 yr ago. So far, no paint issue at all, aside from where I scraped the paint off again with hardware.

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