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Dec 17, 2010
BLUF: What options are there for new injector lines for an older engine?

In my specific case, I've got an 03/81 B engine with an inline IP. Yeah, the block says 'B', but it has many 3B features - the later oil cooler is one giveaway... - and I cannot find lines anywhere.

- I have seen that many of the saltier owners have a spare set (if nothing else, I'd like to have a spare set...)
- I have tried to order them from everywhere I know of (Amayama, Partsouq, Partsdeal, etc.) with no luck
- I know it's not as "easy" as flaring brake lines (I understand that the joint/seal/bulb is different, and that the high pressures require strong tubing...)
- I gather that all four (in my case) lines have to be the same length

But, what stops me from buying some stainless injection lines for a modern diesel - straight ones with the "flare"/bulb and the nut already there - and bending them myself.

Or can my local diesel shop just build some? Do they need the old ones as models? Will they bend them exactly the same or just bend them the most effective way to thread around the manifold, etc.

I can tell that one of the lines on my engine has been replaced because the nut that joins to the injector is a different size than the rest.
And the engine was running when I started my work.
So I don't think I *NEED* new lines. But I'd rather not wait for one to fail and THEN start this process.

Sorry for such a rambling, and open ended post, but I've searched and not found information on what to do (well... many say "go to your local shop...") to source this NLA part.

Thanks for any guidance.

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