Awesome 60 BUT what lift and tires/wheels?

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Mar 12, 2006
Ok, I want to make my 60 to look just like this. I need help! What size lift (easy, medium, heavy duty), what size wheels/tires (brands), what type roof rack and front bumper?? Please, email me at

the bumper is an ARB (as the little sticker eludes to on the passanger side).

The wheels look like Eagle type. Not sure on the tires, but definitely at least 12.5 wide.

The lift seems like a mild OME lift ( likely 2". Though the person mentiones shackles, which may give an additional 1.5".

Best advice is to look through the registry (first link in the '60 forum) and decide what's right.

Guys come awn..... did you even read the description attached to the pic? :rolleyes:

This is Tivon's pride and joy -- a 1987 FJ60. This wagon has been completely restored both inside and out. The drivetrain is completely stock except for high performance headers on the 2F engine.The body work, paint job and tinted windows make this wagon a real eye catcher. It has been enhanced and lifted with Old Man Emu springs, shackles and shocks. The tires are 33" Super Swamper Radials. It also sports ARB bumpers front and rear.

So there's the bumpers, tires and lift..... If you've researched lifts you know OME is 2.5" of lift unless done with SR and shackles for 4" and if using heavier bumpers you want med-heavy spring typically... For the wheels do a search for stock black 60 wheels and you should find a thread with similar wheels but in black. Roof rack I guestimate is homebrew but I dont know for sure. Good luck, be one with the search button grasshopper and for the love of God don't build a cruiser just cause it looks "neat." Thats for jeeps :flipoff2:
Man I have to agree with Chase. The FJ is awesome, but dont copy what someone else did. Make your ride YOURS. Look at all of the different cruisers and see what you like then research it and find the mods you what for what you do with your cruiser. Just as a reference if I had to guess it looks like the OME lift with 1.5'' Shackles and the 33's Not sure of the rims. Look at a rim shop and you can find something you like.

I really like those wheels too! Does anyone know?
Not another :hillbilly:

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