availability/cost of a complete interior?

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Mar 7, 2006
I'm looking at a couple of 60s - one's in arizona, and appears to be remarkably rust-free, but the interior's completely shot - stained, torn, worn out.

How often do people part their rigs, and what's the likelyhood of my sourcing a complete interior in good condition? what kind of money do they usually go for?

Any other sources?

Happens every now and then. I would look through the Classifieds Section to get an idea of what other mudders have advertised. You could also check with Cruiserparts.net and see how often they get a good clean interior.
Well, you could find another rear seat and have it reupholstered, then get some comfortable front seats from the boneyard and have them recovered to match the rear. Buy the carpet kit and headliner from one of the vendors. Then other than the dash, you have a complete interior.

THere's a good thought - what are some populare seats to replace the fronts? I wouldn't want to get too crazy.

The covers would do as a holdover, but they look expensive (relative to nice seats from cruiserparts) and I'm anal about stuff like that. Rather just get a nice seat than a crappy seat with a nice cover.
just rebuild your interior to your level of desire....you can rebuild the seats using new foam, upholster them in your material of choice, add features like seat heaters, lumbar support, and map pockets, etc....

new headliners, carpet kits, seat belts, and other cool accessories can be had that make the truck all yours.

make a budget and go....that's half the fun

I`m needing all the interior hand grips, and it all needs matching caps and not worn out at all...
jgordon said:
THere's a good thought - what are some populare seats to replace the fronts? I wouldn't want to get too crazy.

If you have a welder to fab new brackets, any comfy bucket will work. There are some that can be done with little or no fabrication (Volvo, I think). Check the search function, there are a million threads on replacing seats.

I parted out an FJ62 last year and sold the entire interior, to a fellow club member for wanted to change the interior color on his FJ60 from brown to grey, for $750. I thought it was a fair price.

You want to pursue something like this, if you piecemeal every little part, you'll end up paying a lot more.
What I have considered doing, is buying a rusty northern rig (like the one Doc had a while back), with low miles and a good interior, and swappping the interior and possibly the engine with a high mileage, rust free southern rig.

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