Aussie locker

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Mar 31, 2003
Phoenix Oregon
I have all the parts to rebuild both of my axles. I was going to strip them and repaint them while I was in there. Now I am thinking of putting an aussie in the rear of my 40. I am open to thoughts here. I don't drive it daily, I really only drive on weekends and will hopefully try to wheel this summer. I am just curious as to whether anyone has used one.

I used to DD a 40 with a Lockrite (similar to Aussie). It was fine for a while but eventually the clanking, clunking and quirky handling lead me to remove it. Swapped an ARB air locker in instead. Traded the Lockrite to a club member for a Jim C. reworked carb IIRC. I say try it and see how YOU like it.

For reference I drove it better than 40K miles in 2 different 40's before I tired of it. So it wasn't a couple month deal but several years of DD'ing and wheeling in the greater Boston area. Never had any issues with it (one rig had a V8 too) just wanted better...

It is definitely more noticeable in a 40 than a 55 or a 60. Every gear shift will induce a slight heading change. But I didn't mind because of the noticeable increase in traction.

Install is so easy and inexpensive, I say try it. If you hate it, then you can swap back to the open gears in an hour and sell the locker on ebay for most of whatcha paid.
Time to call and order.

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