August trips?

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Not sure who is still going on the Fordyce trip. As for Barrett Lake. Looks like we might try to do Aug. 26-28 not sure yet. Might also try to put together another Fordyce run.
We missed you Dion!!! Jeff M and son Alex, Phil, Jpr Ron and I ran the trail as you planned.
Excited to say we all three got up the left side of winch hill 3 (left line inside the impassable squeeze, not where Larry rolled). I went first with the spotter strap and Phil spotting... and those new 37" stickies I finally got mounted were hooking up! Phil then went straight up the center and so did the Johnny truck after trying my line.

Jpr Ron and I layed it over atop winch hill 1 (it is really dug out and Ron noted he was eating dirt) but Ron had me steer passenger at that large diff rock at the very top and climbed right out of it.

Then on Tuesday after tagging #3 and running up to top of 5 and back, Jpr Ron and I were on the comm out bonus line, and again flopped it over on the passenger side... actually we slide off the left line, kinda hovered on two wheels, and again Ron noted we were going over. However, with the propane, my truck continues to run and with spotting from Phil and Jeff behind us, we were able to turn driver and back out of the channel we had fallen into, and finished the line. It was a freaking good day of wheeling!

Best two days of wheeling in a long time.

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