ATV Warrantees ROCK!

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Jan 19, 2009
The trusty Arctic Cat was makin a poppin sound in the front end ever since I abused it at Clayton last October, Arctic Cat couldn't locate it, told me to drive it the noise will show up.............Show up it did, somethin turned aloose inside the front diff and blew a hole throught the side of it. The entire front axle assembly has to be replaced now.....$1842.00:censor:
Luckily when I bought it I purchased the super-extended 5 year warrantee that covers everything but tires and brake pads.
rear axle shaft-$382.00-covered
front diff. assembly-$1842.00-covered
Bet they don't send me letters wantin me to extend my warrantee coverage:beer:
Don't know, hope so
Don't know, hope so

Is the Artic cat coming to hot springs?
if it is I would like to borrow it for a little bit, not to go on trails, but to try it out since I am looking into buying one.
I'll sell you my Kawasaki for 15 grand. :cool:


Sorry Sir but that's kind of expensive for my budget.

... with that kind of money I could buy a an '04-02 cruiser for my wife and make some browny point there.

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