ATTENTION NH RESIDENTS: Political Call to Action!

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Dec 10, 2006
Jericho Mountain State Park Update
Political Call to Action for NH Residents!

The NEA is still working towards access at Jericho Mountain State Park for 4x4s and we need NH residents to contact their state representatives.

The next step for all motorized users at this point inJericho Mountain State Park plan is the passing of NH Senate Bill 143. The Senate Bill 143 is currently being stalled by the NH Recreation Committee Chair. This senate bill is important to all motorized uers at Jericho Mountain State Park as it is removing the course and fine filters used for motorized trail development. This person is not a friend to motorized users and is doing everything in her power to halt the progress of trail development at Jericho Mountain State Park.

I ask ALL NH residents to call, mail, or email their state representive. Tell your state representative that you support motorized access at Jericho Mountain State Park and request that they support SB 143.

The link to SB 143 is below, but the version posted is not the most current verision.

Who's My Legislator?

Senate Bill 143

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