Attention: ALL 4Runner soft top owners

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Apr 2, 2008
Nashville Tn.
I am thinking about a soft top for my rig.

I really need pics...LOTS of pics of the header bar that the soft top snaps to and how it keeps the compartment dry.

and also if anyone can I.D the type of fastener that Lotus uses here at 5:11-5:15
it would be highly appreciated

THX a heak of a lot


and please forgive all the bumps that are sure to follow ;)
rainy day bump

NOBODY out there has a Can Back or Suntop?

no wonder they went out of business!
i used a army lean to canvas. thru the sunroof hole, over the roll bar, fastened in back.

i had it set up a few ways, another was, it went at an angle from the roof to back over the rear seat. kinda like a turtle shell you see on the AM Generals.

once i take the top off, ill send some pics
anyone got any ideas on the header bar and to best way to fashion it I'm all ears.

**EDIT** must be waterproof!

I thought about some angle w/ some pies cut out bend it then weld it, but I think the top to cab look would be to angular.
IIRC since there are basically two forms of water protection it should be easy to keep it waterproof at the back o-de-cab.

I think suntop just has a gasket material of some type at the hem (not a tuck or pinch) and it just snaps on and its waterproof?? Hell IDK but its not complicated and thats what is throwing me and keeping me. :mad:

Can you BEND angle? :confused:
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Summer time bump, and for the last guy that posted in the last
still rainy.
top still on.
i rigged my canvas thru the sun roof.
no permanent mounting. just doing what works for 3 months out of the year

Not you Cheese boy :flipoff2:

HeaveyMetalViking just posted his soft top in the other 4runner thread

got lots of pics for you dude, they're huge so hopefully you can read them! Basically there's a thick hem on the front end of the top that wraps around the header bar when you bolt it down to the frame. it wraps around the same way my finger is wrapped around the top in one of the pictures. Then you tighten the bar so the factory truck seal presses against the seal on the top, and it's pretty waterproof. I've yet to take it out in heavy rain, and actually had to toss my hard top on it, my tube frame needs some repairs. :doh:Hope this helps!






THX, thats what I'm looking for.

now if I can get the Cann Backs.

My mom has a good machine and loves to sew, I dont.

I'm thinking I can fab, but I need to know what to fab 1st


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