SOLD Atlanta: 100 Series Landcruiser & LX470 *Limited* Part Out

Sep 7, 2022
Heber, AZ
External link: Patch on eBay

***If someone local wants it all for $750, let me know***

Helpful info:

Located in Atlanta. I cannot accept returns at this time.

I will attempt to process and ship orders as quickly as I can. I am cleaning these parts out of my shop.

All parts removed were functional upon removal, however, no guarantees or warranties come with purchase. Buyer assumes full responsibility for purchase and for parts. If you order multiple of the same item, please send me a note and I will reduce the shipping cost.

Part-Out thread link ( Parting Out - Atlanta: 100 Series Landcruiser & LX470 Part Out -

I have many interior parts from a 2002 (Mystic Sea Opalescent/Tan) Lexus LX470 as well as a myriad of parts from my 1999 LX470 (Tan Int).

I also have a few random bits and pieces from a 2000 Landcruiser (Tan Int).

*I do not have frames, bodies, panels, axles, drivetrains, or wheels. I'm mostly selling bits and pieces*

I will be posting photos and listings to eBay via the profile linked above.

A few parts that come to mind that I still have available:

Door panels
Trim pieces (lots of those)
Complete seats - all rows (front need new leather)
Many switches
Front calipers (left and right)
Rear brake light
Front corner light
AHC computers (2x)
2002 LX470 ECU
Landcruiser Torsion Bars
I think I still have a door or two (I think it is paint color Mystic Sea Opalescent)

I will do my best to get back to you ASAP but cannot promise immediate replies.

More to come.


P.S. I'll entertain offers different from the eBay listing to mud members/users.
I am looking for 3rd row seating hardware. You wouldn't happen to have that available would you?

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