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May 13, 2008
Boulder, CO
Haha I forgot the s in my last title. Deleted!

Ok, I have an old utility trailer that I want to convert to an adventure trailer. My dad made this trailer and is no longer around so it has sentimental value and I think it would be a nice project and always be a special thing to take camping. My dad and I used it to haul corn for our hog farm in it and it held up fine. Right now it does not have shocks and we did ok pulling it behind a pickup down washboardy country roads. It did ride rough, I used to ride back there sometimes and it is really rough! Are shocks necessary for an adventure trailer?

I probably won't do crazy rock crawling with it, but it will be going to places that are uncomfortable for the ordinary pop ups. I am thinking places like white rim in Moab, some cool camp spots in crested butte that take some decent creek crossings and steep fire roads. The things I would keep in there I would not worry too much about being shaken up, I was thinking a roof top tent, simple kitchen setup, water tank, miscellaneous camping gear, etc.

Thanks, hopefully that's not a really stupid question.
Apr 9, 2002
Olympia, WA
I have run my trailer with and without shocks. For me, it makes a big enough difference. They are easy enough to add on. Just seamed to really help control wheel hop on the washboards or big ruts.

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