For Sale ARB Drawers - Calgary AB

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Jan 16, 2010
Rocky Mountains, Canada
United States
****I will be driving to Colorado next Monday if someone enroute is interested******

Installed for less than 2 months. Includes 1 fridge roller-top. Like new - $1350 OBO

PM me if interested. I'll be driving to Van next week, if someone en route is interested.
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You have pics?

Willing to ship?
Pics! Trying to stay local for now. Shipping would kill any savings. Willing to deliver between Calgary and Van next week.....
ARB 1.jpg
ARB 2.jpg
ARB 3.jpg
Would you split them up? I only need the one on the drivers side.
Wow those are nice, GLWS!
Still for sale. Original post edited: I will be driving to Colorado next week if someone enroute is interested (MT, WY, CO). MUD discount $1250 delivered.

Will fit 60, 80 & 100 series.....
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I'm in Missoula, MT. 59801. Could that be on your route?

I have the 4x4Labs baskets which mount and fit over the rear wheel wells. It looks like these would fit in the space between the racks.

Please let me know about the logistics and we can check measurements.
Unfortunately, the drawers will not work with the Labs Cargo Carriers.... unless stacked or one modifies the carrier mounts to sit an inch higher.

Edit: Trip South has been postponed a week, or so.
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Sale pending. I'll notify the next in line if they are still available....

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