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Apr 9, 2002
Olympia, WA
Over the winter I added a few ARB goodies to the old 60. I but one of their roof racks, the touring one that only has a partial cage around the front. This so I can add the roof top tent this summer ;p. I also installed a rear air locker and heavy duty compressor.

The air locker was my first and I figure I should get my hand dirty on my own rig before installing for anyone else. Went flawlessly and I got to try it out last weekend in the deep wet snow that is still on the Forest road we visit outside of Yakima. Makes a big difference. I could tell by the hopping that was going on (as I dug through the nearly 1ft of snow to the road) that if I had an open rear, I would have gotten stuck much sooner. Since it was just me and Farron I didn't push it too far.

Since I am desmogged and don't use the carb cooling fan, that is were I put the compressor. See HERE for more details on that.

So, any one else up to any good with their rigs?

Shameless plug. I am an ARB dealer and can hook you up with stuff now. I will do my best to price match, or at least give my best price plus a 10% discount for TLCA members.
I have seen Brandon's rack and it looks nice. ;p No pun attended.
I almost but one for mine too.:D
Looks good Brandon! I'm wanting to put a front ARB locker in my FJC at some point down the road...

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