Apology due - and here it is

Apr 2, 2007
Heart of the Alaska Range
Here is an open apology, as I let down quite a number of folks - one who wanted me to bring a vehicle to Alaska; one who had sold it; and a third who (still???) is babysitting it.

I was absolutely at the weight limit of my 14,000lb trailer, and at the pulling power of my '08 SuperDuty F-350, hauling a total of 29,900 lbs up from the lesser-48. Also, the excavator I had picked up hogged up so much room that I was short by just over a foot what was needed for that LC.

I am sorry, folks! I'll try not to bite off that much more than I can chew, next time.

BTW - what with that load AND two eleven-week-old puppies (malamutes, of course), that was the very toughest run back to Alaska I've ever endured. And at 10.0 mpg and diesel at around US$5/gallon through Canada, the priciest, too.....:crybaby:

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