Anyone live near Matthews, NC?

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Apr 22, 2009
Hey everyone,
I am in the market for a FJ62. I found this one on Autotrader in Matthews, NC and I would love it if someone could go check it out for me. It looks like a pretty sharp rig and the owner seemed to know quite a bit about it. Anyway, let me know if you could check it out and if not let me know what you think about it! He is an older retired guy and doesn't have a digital camera so he can't send me anymore pics.


cant help you out w/ a look- see but I will say not to overlook the classifieds on MUD as well. Youll find vehicles that have often had preventative maintenance done to them and sellers that are aware of realistic market values (mostly :D)

it looks nice but seems a bit pricey unless warranted by any major work or exceptional condition. any records?
Seems kind of pricey (for that price you could get a mildly built 80) but then again a lot of 62's are for some reason.
I'd say keep looking in the mud classifieds and one will pop up.

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