anyone know where the O2 sensor is on a 2006 Yukon?

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Aug 15, 2005
Lemoore, CA (south of Fresno) / Cortes Island, B.C
OBD II reader?

Anyone have one I can use for test on the Yukon. Engine light came on and need to run the code. Dang places in Lemoore won't even hook one up for under 50 bucks.
My dad might have one?
Thanks guys, I am just going to buy one. under 60 bucks at autozone...about as much as it costs to have a shop do it.
I think the wife disdain it just to mess with you ! And make you spend that $200 lol
Picked up and OBD 2 reader for the wife's Yukon. Code was for a bad O2 sensor. Anyone know where it is on a 2006 Yukon? I never have had to swap one out and have no clue.
Im guessing here but I think you have two pre-cat and two post cat.. find where you catalitic converters are and you'll see them...
Thanks guys. I wish there was a way to read which senor it is. My cheap reader might be able to do that. HAve not really looked at it. I think you are right that it has 4 of them. I thought they were on the exhaust/cat. Thanks for confirmation.
If they are all the same just buy one and keep swapping until you find the bad one
I will check this evening and post what it says.
It will have a least 3 sensors. One one each bank very close to the exaust manifolds. One will be either before to cat converter or directy after the cat.
Thanks.... I have been getting home late and last night too much rain to go mess with it.

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