For Sale Anyone in Boise/Nampa that wants to put eyes on an FJ40??

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United States
Is there anyone in Boise familiar with FJ40's that's just dying to take a look at this rig? I'd like to get in on the bidding but afraid to do it without seeing it. Another member pointed out the rear opening looked like its been worked on so prob rust. I know its asking a lot so thanks in advance!

I think this is the same one that was sold at an auction in Oklahoma in October. They actually sold 2 (a 71 and a 79), and both went to the same bidder. I was wondering if I would see them for sale somewhere else.
Would be nice if someone checked it out for you. Under $8500 should be fair. Yes the rear wheel wells look cut out.
I stopped and looked at it the other day. My impression was that it’s pretty rough. If you have specific questions, I can go again Friday morning.
What did it go for? Any details on some of the things that looked off?

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